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I wonder if Dad and Betsy still have Madonna's panties

In case you have been under a rock for the past couple of weeks, the Super Bowl is Sunday in Indinapolis.  Madonna will perform during the halftime show.  That makes me want long for the days when the halftime show was performed by Up With People.

Madonna's return to Indiana reminds me of when she spent time in Evansville during the summer of 1991. She, along with several other actors such as Tom Hanks and Geena Davis, were in town to make the movie "A League of Their Own."  In what was a stretch for Madonna's acting talent, she played a slut.  While in town she stayed at a rental home.  My dad and stepmother's appliance rental business supplied washers and dryers to those homes.  After the production had left the area, Dad and Betsy picked up the washer and dryer from Madonna's house  The washer still contained a pair of panties, presumably Madonna's.

A few months later, TV Guide published an interview with Madonna wherein she compared living in Evansville to living in Prague (this is meant as a putdown).  Of course, Evansville residents were not happy with this.  The local newspapers printed letter after letter to the editor bashing Madonna.  Evansville reaction to Madonna's dis even made Entertainment Tonight and People.

I wonder if this return to the Hoosier State will fare better for Madonna.
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